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|Who Am I|

      Who am I? Just a small town girl living in the slightly bigger city of Des Moines, IA.  My name is Aurora. I am married to the handsome man in the photo. We have two cats, and yes I(we shh!) love them like children, moving on...

I have always been interested in photography. There's just something about the story each picture tells, and that within each photo is a small piece of frozen time. 

     I am a self taught hobby photographer. I mainly bought a nice camera so I could have amazing vacation photos. So what got me started in Portraits? I had an experience where photographs of a very important event in my life were not what I thought they would be. I was very disappointed when my first thoughts were, "I could do better than this!" And that's what started it all! I hated the idea of anyone else feeling how I felt looking at those photos! So on I went and started my journey to learning and figuring out how to capture the essence of those within the lens.

     My goal is to capture your special moments in an unforgettable way!  You'll have pictures you can be proud of and enjoy showing off to friends and loved ones! Not keeping them hidden in a closet...

     I want to capture every individual's unique story. I strive to make sure that each wonderful person I work with has an amazing experience and that they walk away with beautiful pictures they can cherish forever.

    Making sure each one of you has pictures you love is a rewarding adventure. I welcome the opportunity to become your photographer and friend!